Ultimate Survival Technologies 30-Day Lantern: Your Ideal Outdoor Companion For Campings

  The Ultimate Survival Technologies 30-Day Lantern   Camping out and looking for a lamp that can last in the wilderness? We’ve checked out the long list of tools to complement your preference and we came up with the Ultimate Survival Technologies 30-day lantern. And yup — It wouldn’t be called a […]


Camping Checklist Essentials for the Camping Enthusiast

  Camping Checklist Essentials   Does the life in the wild thrill you? Or do you like to experience living away from the comforts of your home just for a couple days, to bond with your friends? Whether you are an excited camper or perhaps a first-timer, camping would be entirely safe […]


Earthquake Kits Checklist : Essential Items To Use During Earthquakes And Calamities

  Earthquake Kits Checklist of Essential Items   Too many lives and properties have been devastated by earthquakes, but greater damage befell those who have been caught unprepared. While natural disasters often come like a thief in the night, there’s no better way to counter their effect and concur “lesser damage” than […]


Backpacking Essentials 101: Do You Have These Items Ready?

  A backpacking essentials toolkit will help you enjoy your travel experience more.   There’s no greater thrill than to explore different places while meeting new faces, immersing with a new culture and being one with nature and its wonderful creations. Backpacking gives this kind of thrill, especially when the perks of […]

Survival Tips in the Presence of Wild Animals

Wild Animals Like Bear

What are the survival tips when faced with wild animals?

No one wants to be attacked by a wild animal so if you’re in the presence of one, be sure to act the right way to avoid becoming their prey or their victim. There’s a reason why some animals are called wild and if you encounter one, it’s better to know the effective survival tips to get away from the scene intact. Yes, it is true those wild animals can be deadly but if you treat those wild animals right then you will be just fine.

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Best Survival Backpack List For A Week-Long Camping


What is the best survival backpack list for camping?   Are you excited for your week-long camping? Have you already prepared all the things you need and have to put inside your best survival backpack? You might want to create a checklist so you could check if everything you will ever need […]

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Wilderness Survival: Important Skills You Should Know To Survive


  What are some of the essential wilderness survival skills you need to master?   No matter how many I-am-badass-I-can-survive-in-the-wilderness movies you have seen, wilderness survival is not as easy as it may seem. Danger can come in different situations that can always take a turn for the worst! And knowing how […]

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Survival Tips On How To Survive An Earthquake

survival tips

  Do you know what earthquake survival tips increase your chances for survival?   Last Saturday, we heard the tragic news about the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit Nepal, where at least 3,300 people have been confirmed dead. Earthquake is something which nobody can predict nor control; hence, it is essential for […]

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Top Survival Books You Should Be Reading Right Now

survival books

  Say hi to a useful list of survival books you shouldn’t miss.   For the person who loves to be highly prepared at all times, survival books are highly essential. Different survival topics such as emergency survival tips, calamity survival and preparedness, wilderness survival guides as well as home and indoor safety […]

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